Welcome to Omniverse 9® Greetings, salutations, and assorted blessings be upon thee.  Thank you for stopping by. We here at Omniverse 9 aim to bring you the very finest in sonic delectables for discerning music lovers, audiophiles, and aural connoisseurs.  If you prefer your acoustic entertainment bland or boring, you are in the wrong place. Our philosophy here transcends genre, and we find characterizations and typecasting to be rather tedious.  The greatest bands & artists become genres in & of themselves.  The artists on this label tend to be somewhat diverse and are often difficult to categorize.  One thing they all have in common, though, is their overflowing creativity... as well as a deep obsession with music in all its glory. Still, we understand that with the vast array of sounds out there, it is somewhat helpful for folks to be able to hone in on the stuff they will be most likely to enjoy.  So, we will do our best to help you get the gist of what kind of dope these heads are peddling. Here you will find psychedelic hip-hop, space rock, dub, prog/fusion, rare groove, breakbeats, krautrock, jazz funk, roots... and styles that have yet to find names (often overlapping each other).  Dancehall grooves flavoured with baroque chamber sounds?  We got it.  Ghetto funk on suspicious fungi... no problem.   Guitar rock with dubstep drops?  Hopefully, you will just listen to each song individually, and judge them on their own merits. We are still signing new acts, and hope to always have the energy to help develop the next wave.  If you have some music you would like us to consider, click the ‘submit demo’ button.
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